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Being a part of the Dentsu Aegis Network gives Consult the flexibility, consumer understanding, and risk-taking ability of marketing and advertising. This gives us an edge over traditional consulting firms. With 1800 digital experts and the diverse talent that the network possesses, we cater to the niche unmet demands of clients beyond what tech companies and traditional consultancies are equipped to provide.

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The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is undergoing massive transformation as traditional banking goes digital. This efficacious digital transformation starts with a clear understanding of the digital customer’s behaviors, likes, dislikes, and aspirations. This will require a tectonic shift from product-centric to customer-centric focus by these companies.

Omni-channel banking that will enable customers to research services, open accounts, make financial transactions and seek customer support, seamlessly across devices and platforms will be a key business necessity for companies in this sector. Enabling such a seamless customer experience will require the right mix of business understanding, IT infrastructure, and innovative new technologies to enable companies to stay ahead in the new normal.

At Consult, we are leaders that understand and bring together technology, business, and digital landscapes. We are not just a technology enabler – rather we build and support new business models that cater to discrete customer segments. We enable companies to reap absolute benefits of digital. Our new business models enable our clients to future – proof their businesses.

Consult acts like your growth hacking team: somebody who owns and delivers on revenue growth using digital, which is a clear differentiator that sets us apart from other service providers. In this fluid fintech environment where digitization accelerates, BFSI companies will look towards resilient systems that are customer-centric and secure. At Consult, we have already demonstrated many such success stories for our clients globally.

Consult helps you build a revenue driven Marketing Centre of Excellence (CoE) by focusing on revenue contribution that is measurable, repeatable, predictable, and scalable – driven by executing meaningful omni-channel interactions with prospects and customers. What we offer is an enterprise organizational structure enabled by a Command Centre, knowledge sharing, best practices, and thought leadership at every step. Consult helps to build a predictive engine that supports clients by helping them identify prospects, map and build Product Information (PI) around High networth individuals (HNI) and help identify product opportunities at various stages of the product life cycle.


The media industry is witnessing disruptive changes like never before. The growth of traditional revenue streams is declining at a rapid rate while companies are witnessing the emergence of new revenue models. Individual business models that were once a norm are being replaced by newer forms of complex ecosystems, newer competition being fuelled by start-ups to AI driven platforms. Digital brands are the new poster boys as a result of their ability to deliver engaging content across channels resulting in a seamless customer experience. These trends are disrupting the industry requiring total digital transformation.

With over half of the world’s population expected to be online, the global digital landscape will require new experts who understand business, technology, and digital in depth and can formulate strategies that can leapfrog them to become industry leaders. Companies have to work towards building new capabilities for the digital landscape by partnering with consultants that understand this new normal.

We at Consult enable companies to reap absolute benefits of digital. Our new business models enable our clients to future proof their businesses. Consult acts like your growth hacking team: somebody who owns and delivers on revenue growth using digital, which is a clear differentiator that sets us apart from other service providers. Our modules of AI-driven news desks are already rewiring sales for newspaper & digital media.

We want to maximize output by enabling the API vision, creating the customer’s voice through multiple brands, and delivering cutting-edge user experience. By empowering editorials with data and restructuring the newsroom, we can re-imagine business models with enhanced PI. We’ll also create marketing strategies that are hyper-local and disrupt the advertising-based monetisation strategy.

Consumer Goods

Businesses are transforming as the power of digital technology opens up new opportunities for consumer engagement and business growth. The digital economy remains one of the few growth certainties in this uncertain world—the winners will be those who determine how to derive value from a demand-led economy. It’s not easy to crack the digital opportunity, given that 90% of internet initiatives and start-ups fail! Your competition will not remain the same throughout, and start-ups coming from nowhere could disrupt your business. The standard engagement model with agencies/tech vendors/consultancies does not work. Marketing and business are overlapping. CMOs are becoming CSOs and CTOs. 90% of data in this world today has been created in the last 2 years alone. Data = Business! If you don’t have a data strategy, you don’t have a marketing strategy either.
There is no one magic solution, we will need to do many things at breakneck speeds continuously! Consult is your growth hacking team, a team built of digital entrepreneurs, technologists and data folk who have built and scaled businesses. We own and deliver on revenue growth, and you can see real results. We help you take a full view of the business and simply “help you meet your numbers”. We sit on top of your agency relationship and are agnostic of execution partners. Our business model is based on taking a share of the revenue we deliver for you.

Marketing is used to move the needle and create disruption. Big growth targets and marketing have to be the key differentiators compared to the competition. There is also a lot of data that can potentially be floating across the organisation that isn’t being used to create intelligence and drive business growth. The company itself could be in many silos, owing to many businesses across categories.

The solution we offer is a data-driven marketing strategy. Building a data lake, creating econometric models and helping create an AI-powered marketing team can contribute to this as well. We also offer a marketing command-center and AI based media mix modelling.



Consult are looking at an engagement where Consult can help hotels growth hack the business and implement various initiatives. Four key initiatives have been identified, but the engagement may lead to more initiatives as well – helping hotels (current & future) improve RpR (Revenue per Room) and helping them grow and promote their community with an objective to drive growth for hotels.

We have several strategies in mind to help kick-start this growth. Right from helping hotels build and develop a growth strategy, to working as an extended team rather than a ‘consultant’, to creating a partnership where both sides can benefit from the relationship, Consult will be with you every step of the way. We want to deep-dive into your business and explore who your customers really are. From there, we can work our way upwards to building a model where customers will keep coming back for more.

We offer insight into RpR increase strategy, data audit, experience definition, digital audit, and capability mapping. To improve RpR, we have to start by creating a dynamic pricing engine, executing the RpR strategy, gaining quick wins using data, executing “differentiated” marketing for all three initiatives, improving direct bookings, content strategy execution, ongoing SEO, and ongoing community growth. We will improve direct bookings through SEO performance marketing, social community growth, and content strategy build and execution. Getting the right experience and selling strategy, building exclusivity, building growth milestones, building newer data models, re-evaluating pricing models, redefining CX, re-aligning the organization, i.e., retraining, enabling (building tools), aligning teams (sales/revenue/marketing/front desk/facilities/concierge, etc.), and re-wiring the CRM/loyalty program, are some ways to boost the development of the business.

Our first priority would be to look at and evaluate internal teams and engage with them to execute. If the teams are not up to scale, we will work with you to do capability planning. As we’ll be running against deadlines, we’ll work with you to identify partners, agencies, or freelancers until we are able to get resources into place. We will help identify the resources that will not be needed full-time and work around your budget with Dentsu Aegis Network agency resources. And finally, with budgets approved by you, we’ll help you identify the high-end Dentsu Aegis Network agency resources that you’ll need for shorter assignments.


Consult has a dedicated team of experts to ensure continuity and process maturity. What truly differentiates us, though, is our ability to pool talent from across the Dentsu Aegis Network to ensure you get access to the right skill sets at the right time for your organization. We can tap into the best-of-breed experts who have built businesses to create teams on a project-by-project basis from both within and outside the Network.

Email us at Lalit.Bhagia@dentsuaegis.com to find out how your organization can embrace the digital future with the power of our knowledge, diverse network of experts, technology-enabled modern processes, and our ability to not just advise, but also build differentiation. The best way to future-proof your future is to build it today!

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